NBN Equipment, what you need to know beginning and ending a tenancy


Tenants often inadvertently take NBN Connection Boxes with them when they move out.

NBN Connection Boxes also known as Network Termination Devices become part of the property when NBN is connected and should be left behind at the end of the tenancy.

What you need to know about the NBN.

• When you connect NBN through your ISP they will provide you with a router, and if you are the first person to connect NBN at your property, they may also connect an NBN box.
• The NBN Box is not part of your equipment; it is the property of NBNCo and must remain in the property for all future connections.
• Some properties will have wall mounted NBN Boxes, others will just look like a modem.
• We’ve included some photos below of what you might find (the equipment in your home may not look exactly like these so check with your provider to be sure…)

Most apartments have the above image: Black NBN Connection Box, Power Cable, Coaxial Cable.

• Before connecting anything that requires new cabling, wall plates, drilling or other damage you’ll need the owner’s approval so check with us first. The owner also needs to approve the location of any NBN points and equipment.
• If any damage is caused on installation please ensure you report it to NBNCo for rectification so that you don’t end up paying for their damage.
• Not all properties are NBN ready so it’s important that you make your own enquiries as to what you need and what is available…

If in doubt please check with our office or your ISP before taking anything with you when you move out.

To find out if the nbn™ network is available at your home or business click the link below